Project |01 Camera Anima Demo
Role(s): Writer; Programmer; Level Design

A short demo of a potential point-and-click based visual novel game. Originally created for GDXEdmonton (2015). The demo was created to teach myself the Ren'Py game engine and to show case my story-telling and level design capabilities.


Camera Anima is about twin sisters, a series of killings spanning decades, and the mysterous serial killer, the Artisan. 


There are intentions to further develop demo into a full game when possible.


Download demo: Google Drive (zip)

Project |02 Dead Weight GGJ Build
Role(s): (Co-)Writer; (Co-)Level Design

A game created for 2015's Global Game Jam. Dead Weight was created around the theme, "What do we do now?". Our group interpreted this around the premise of needing to hide a body.


Dead Weight is about a nameless employee who, after murdering their boss in a fit of rage, must hide their boss' body, sneak past their (former) coworkers, and get away with murder. The game features a dragging mechanic, stealth, and a need to correctly navigate conversation branches.


There are intentions to remake this demo and potentially develop it into a full game. However, the remake will differ in aesthetics, gameplay, presentation, and platform. The premise and core dragging mechanics will remain.


Play the game here

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Project |03 Unfinished Business
Role(s): Programmer; (Co-)Writer; (Co-)Level Designer

A game made for the “Shut Up and Make a Game” game jam hosted by the University of Alberta Video Game Art and Design club. The jam lasted 48 hours and centered around two potential themes: ‘inconvenient mutations’ and ‘indecisive revolution’.

Unfinished Business is about a penniless, nameless ghost detective and their dog Bleu taking a job from a realty company to clear a house of its hauntings. The house was the site of a double suicide between step-siblings who, according to official story, killed themselves because they felt they couldn’t be together otherwise. However, there are clues that suggest otherwise. The detective has a night to explore the house, talk to the ghosts, find all the clues, and ultimately put together what really happened.

Download game here