Narrative Design and Writing

Writing, Ghost-writing, Plot Outlines, Worldbuilding Documents

  • Design documentation and writing

  • Outline and feedback (if needed). This includes worldbuilding, character descriptions, and plot.

  • Research relevant topics (if needed).

  • One major rewrite and 2-3 minor revisions. Further revision requests may require the same rate or slightly lesser rate.

  • Ghost-writing may include an additional fee to compensate for lack of credit.

  • $0.02-0.06/word (USD), depending on complexity of request.

Copyediting and Proofreading

Prose and audio
  • Check for plot errors, preserving tone and voice, and proper formatting.

  • Clean up surface errors and improving sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and word choice.

  • Reword awkward phrasing and deleting unnecessary text.

  • Use track changes (if possible).

  • Provide feedback and answering questions.

  • Listen for discrepancies between the audio and text.

  • Check for accuracy of pronunciations.

  • For text, $0.02-0.04/word (USD), depending on complexity of request.

  • For audio, agreed upon fee.

Quality Assurance Testing

Game testing
  • Test build stability and game playability.

  • Report bugs and track fixes.

  • Provide repro steps and screenshots (if necessary).

  • Provide feedback and answering questions.

  • Agreed upon fee.

Research Assistance

Academic work, literary review, bibliography, data collection
  • Research of topics, compilation of citations and summaries, and collection of data or assets.

  • Will also look for game assets, according to commercial and modification needs.

  • Agreed upon fee.

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