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About Domini Gee


I am a developer from Edmonton, Alberta. My love affair with videogames (and, by extension, their development process) started with Sonic 2 and fluorished after being introduced to narrative-heavy games like Final Fantasy. I love different genres and sizes of videogames, as well as how videogames have evolved to create more immersive, unique forms of player-to-content interaction. While I specialize in writing, I have also worked in level design and QA testing.

 I completed my Bachelors and Masters at the University of Alberta. In the latter, I completed my thesis "Layers of Videogame Narrative and Interactivity". I have also presented papers at a number of conferences (CSDH/SCHN; CGSA; Replaying Japan).

Aside from videogames, I am fond of tea, books, the occasional crime or supernatural show, and bunnies.

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