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Ghost Discoverers (GGJ 2018)
Role(s): Writer; Ren'Py Programmer
Date: 2018

A game created for 2018's Global Game Jam. Ghost Discoverers was created around the theme, "Transmission". 

"My name is Zoe Lark. I believe in ghosts. At the end of this episode, you will too. This time, on GHOST DISCOVERERS, we discover… The Dyer House." 

Armed with your trusty radio, explore the Dyer house and find hotbeds of activity and uncover the truth of the Dyer House’s dark past."

In Ghost Discoverers, you play as Zoe Lark, a ghost hunter who arrives at the Dyer House to investigate the story of Lady Biance Dyer, a woman reportedly lured and trapped young women to replace her deceased daughter. Originally this game was developed in Unity but it was later ported to Ren’Py during the jam. 

Ranked 4th at the Edmonton Game Jam Site.

Read Script: Here
Post-Mortem (by Kyle Hubbard): Here 

Don't Kill The Hero (GGJ 2017)
Role(s): Writer; Background Artist
Date: 2017

A game created for 2017's Global Game Jam. Toil and Trouble was created around the theme, "Waves". 

“Dearest JADE KNIGHT, I TIRE of this DANCE. This dance of GOOD versus EVILLLL. Come to my CASTLE on the night of the BLOOD RED MOONNN. The gates will be OPEN, and we’ll DANCE a FINAL time… and THEN… I’ll have you for DINNERRR.”

The Dark Lord sits upon his throne and waits for his sworn nemesis, the Green Knight. He sends his monsters and greatest warriors to fight the Green Knight, while the Green Knight fights through the castle to reach him. However, the Dark Lord does not want the hero to perish before they get to him. His minions, the Terrible Trio, don't intend to let the hero meet him unless they can defeat them in combat. As such, the Dark Lord must send enemies for the hero to defeat and level up with, so that they might be strong enough to defeat the Terrible Trio and confront the Dark Lord.

Unfortunately, due to issues with Unity, the cutscene levels were unable to be integrated into the game and were later lost to software failure.

Cutscene Script:  Here

Toil and Trouble (GGJ 2016)
Role(s): Writer; Level Design
Date: 2016

A game created for 2016's Global Game Jam. Toil and Trouble was created around the theme, "Ritual". 


Trouble occurs when Wizarding Apprentice Minerva messes with a potions recipe. Slimes have taken over the halls and it’s up to Minerva to recapture them all and fix the potion. This game features a capture mechanic, which involves sucking up slimes into a jar and depositing them in a caldron. 

Play in native resolution for best experience.


Download Game: Here

Dead Weight (GGJ 2015)
Role(s): (Co-)Writer; (Co-)Level Design
Date: 2016

A game created for 2015's Global Game Jam. Dead Weight was created around the theme, "What do we do now?". Our group interpreted this around the premise of needing to hide a body.


Dead Weight is about a nameless employee who, after murdering their boss in a fit of rage, must hide their boss' body, sneak past their (former) coworkers, and get away with murder. The game features a dragging mechanic, stealth, and a need to correctly navigate conversation branches.

Play Game: Here

Unfinished Business (Shut Up and Make a Game)
Role(s): Programmer; (Co-)Writer; (Co-)Level Designer
Date: 2015

A game made for the “Shut Up and Make a Game” game jam hosted by the University of Alberta Video Game Art and Design club. The jam lasted 48 hours and centered around two potential themes: ‘inconvenient mutations’ and ‘indecisive revolution’.

Unfinished Business is about a penniless, nameless ghost detective and their dog Bleu taking a job from a realty company to clear a house of its hauntings. The house was the site of a double suicide between step-siblings who, according to official story, killed themselves because they felt they couldn’t be together otherwise. However, there are clues that suggest otherwise. The detective has a night to explore the house, talk to the ghosts, find all the clues, and ultimately put together what really happened.

Play Game: Here
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