Unraveled - Chat Stories App (dialogue samples)

Unraveled, by Random Logic Games, is a story app  where stories ares told in the format of chat conversations via your phone. Stories include drama, suspense, romance, and adventure. 

Camera Anima Demo 1.0 (narrative design and script documentation)
Camera Anima is about twin sisters, a series of killings spanning decades, and the mysterous serial killer, the Artisan, who steals the souls of those who meet its face. 
The original demo was broken into two modes, story mode and exploration mode. Exploration mode featured a simple scenario to solve that showed off the core gameplay mechanics.

Racing Game Concept (character package)
A character concept package originally written for a racing game set in a sci-fi setting. It focuses on a racer from an humanoid race of lizard-people and includes worldbuilding details, a character profile, a quest script sample, and character barks.

Fire ​Emblem Awakening Tear-Down (game design documentation)

This is a tear​-down analysis of Mission 9 from Fire Emblem Awakening. The purpose of this analysis was to see what I could learn from the game's design and systems.

In this mission, Prince Chrom and his army storm Plegia Castle to rescue Exalt Emmeryn from execution. The player must defeat all the enemies from the map to reach her. However, when the rescue goes astray, the player makes a difficult choice.



Oblivious (short story)

Every night, Cam walks down 38th, past the Pizza Hut, around the nearest corner, stops in front of the mural, and heads around the next corner into the glare of the blinding streetlight. One night, the mural is gone and he encounters a street painter, altering his nightly routine. Every night after, Cam talks with the man and asks him the question:


"Who are you tonight?"


Finalist in the Cécile E. Mactaggart Travel Award for Narrative Writing. 



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