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Project |01 Camera Anima 2.0 Demo 
Role(s): Writer; Programmer; Level Design

A short demo for a point-and-click visual novel game, Camera Anima. The game was originally shown at GDXEdmonton (2015) and the 2.0 was presented at GDXEdmonton (2016) and KDays (2016).  

Camera Anima is about twin sisters, a series of killings spanning decades, and the mysterous serial killer, the Artisan. 


Download demo: Dropbox (All Desktop Platforms)

Project |02 Toil and Trouble (GGJ 2016)
Role(s): Writer; Level Design

A game created for 2016's Global Game Jam. Toil and Trouble was created around the theme, "Ritual". 


Trouble occurs when Wizarding Apprentice Minerva messes with a potions recipe. Slimes have taken over the halls and it’s up to Minerva to recapture them all and fix the potion. This game features a capture mechanic, which involves sucking up slimes into a jar and depositing them in a calderon. 


Download game here. Play game in native resolution, as images will cut off otherwise.

Project |03 Ren'Py Mini-Game Gamplay Test Videos
Role(s): Programmer; Video Editor

A mini-series of videos showcasing mini-game tests I've been working on in Ren'Py. These include:
  • Quick-Time-Events
  • Item Puzzles
  • Touchpads
  • PuzzlesBroken Piece 
  • Tumblr Locks (TBA)
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