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Camera Anima Sample Script

Excerpts from my main script of the Camera Anima demo. The first sample served to flesh out a few things: first, it established the context behind the song that appears at the start of the game; second, it provides some context for some of the setting hints (such as, the masks or "Faces" the characters where); and establishes how the two main characters react to fear and danger. Essie's default is to write off danger or downplay it while Giselle's more timid, preferring to subtly hint rather than outright state her fears.

g "We don't need to go that far. I just think we need to be a little more paranoid. Ma isn't around to do that for us."

show essie blood smile at left

e "Hah! If she saw us now, she'd drag us out and solder our Faces on. 'Girl's don't forget your Faces', 'the smog will burn your eyes', 'remember, one, two-"

show giselle coy at right

g "'-The bell tolls late'. 'Three, four, don't forget your face'..."

show giselle neutral at right

g "Honestly, the last part still scares me. 'Nine, ten-'"

"{i}Never wake again{/i}."

show essie neutral at left

e "It's just a song. Someone just based it off the Artisan but slapped lessons to it like 'don't stay out late', 'don't talk with strangers', and 'don't forget your Faces' to scare kids into behaving."

g "You're probably right."

The second excerpt is from the exploration mode of the demo. It occurs when the player clicks on the damaged window and, if the player has the crowbar, unlocks a player choice. The script gives the player hints that they can do something to the window but it also gives the warning that it won't be quiet, which the player has already been warned they have to be. If the player presses on however, the game skips to a bad ending.

label click_damagedwindow:

scene h_side_bg

e "(There's dents and scratches over this one. Looks like someone tried to break through."

e "(They got pretty far too. The wood's looking thin in some spots)."

e "(Give me the right tool and I can be through within minutes.)"

e "(It won't be quiet work, though.)"

if iCrowbar in inventory:


"Use crowbar to break through":

call badending_window


e "(There might be something I've missed.)"


e "(I'll worry about that if or when I find something.)"

call screen houghton_side

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